Coconut & Vanilla Superfood Protein

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💚  100% Vegan
💚  Dairy, Gluten, GMO & Soy free 
💚  18.5g Plant Protein per serving
💚  High in Fibre
💚  Energy boosting
💚  rich in antioxidants 

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Coconut & Vanilla Superfood Protein is a magical combination of plant proteins and superfoods. We use high quality natural & organic ingredients in our blends to ensure you have a perfect tasty shake every time you use our product.  All of our blends have functional superfoods which were chosen for their specific health benefits and their positive impact on your active lifestyle. 

our superfood superstars...


Free from all the bad stuff...

The blends we have created are all dairy, soy, gmo, gluten, artificial & we left out all the nasties that would spoil the natural healthy ethos we use for our products. We use high quality ingredients and never use fillers or artificial sweeteners to hide poor tasting poor quality plant proteins. 

Nutritional good stuff...

Our vegan dairy free blends contain the nutrition your body needs to fuel an active lifestyle. High in protein and high in fibre our shakes will keep you satisfied for longer and when used as part of a balanced diet can even replace a meal such as breakfast. The ingredients we use ensure that we have low carbs, sugars & minimal saturated fats. Packed with vitamins and minerals our product was designed to provide you a healthy alternative to high sugar shakes. 

How does it taste so good...?

The answer to this is simple we have perfected the perfect combination of plant proteins and superfoods with natural flavouring ingredients to ensure you taste the flavour and not an earthy mud shake. Yes its more expensive to make our plant protein blend but you can't put a price on enjoyment and experience.

When to use...?

You can use our shakes to boost your protein intake and fill your body with vital nutrients at any time of the day. The perfect way to start a day is with a breakfast smoothie fuelling your body with all those healthy ingredients will set you up till lunch. If your an active gym user then having a post shake boost of protein, vitamins & minerals will assist in the recovery process of your muscles depleted stores. You can even use our shakes as part of a diet program and replace one of your daytime meals or snacks with our tasty shakes. 

The important nutrition stuff...


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Coconut & Vanilla Superfood Protein