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Healthful Foods has a mission to create amazing healthy products using only healthy natural ingredients.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the pure plant nutrition you want without the earthy taste of some conventional proteins. All of our shakes are made using a combination plant proteins & superfoods these provide you with the perfect taste profile to ensure each and every shake is delicious.

ALL Our products are and will always be Dairy free, non GMO, No artificial sweeteners and no artificial anything else you can think of. We took time to develop these products because the flavour experience is very important to us actually just as important as the natural nature of our ingredients.

Our vision is to create cruelty free, plant based food products that bring nothing but pleasure to a lifestyle with a better purpose. Our business is run by Vegans and we will never use any ingredient that contains animal products. We will ensure all of our products are registered with the Vegan society before we allow them to be sold. We hope you enjoy our range and keep your eyes peeled for everything we are about to achieve over the coming years.

Team Healthful

Healthful” (Adjective: to produce good health)